Tips for the New Year's Runner

So the year is new and filled with the idea of starting fresh in all areas of our lives. Getting more fit and losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions. So how do you turn the resolution into a goal or habit? Consistency and small, short attainable goals.

If your New Year resolution involves running, below are some tips that might help you from getting discouraged and aide to turning it into a habit that isnt broken.

1) Invest is a good pair of running shoes. Go to a store that specializes in running so they can review your walking/running style (gate) to determine the best type of shoe for you. You might buy the wrong shoes from a sporting goods store without knowing that they have corrective structure that help with under or over pronating. They can also advise if you may require additional cushioning. If you have a high arch, like I do, you may want to consider inserts. These are not required so you may want to save the money here and wait to know if you are more interested in 6 months.

2) Start slow. Find a good program to follow like Couch to 5K to help you get started. There are a few good apps for the iPhone or iPod that can assist. “Ease into 5K” is a free app that will tell you when to walk and run. The Couch to 5K running program has help many get started in their running. So, give it a look at

3) Don't get discouraged. This is new effort and you may miss a day or two. Don't worry about it, star where you left off and get back out there.

4) Set clear attainable goals that have a date related to them. They may be a simple a walking three time this week. Or, you may want to run a 5k in 12 weeks. Just make sure that it is reasonable and attainable. As you complete your goals, you will gain confidence and then work towards more challenging goals in the future.

5) Have fun.

I hope you have a good year and reach all that you strive for.


Happy New Year to all my friends!!

Hi and Happy New Year.

I hope that the challenges of 2011 have served you well and that 2012 brings you much happiness and content.

I look forward to reconnecting with many as the year begins...

Brad (AKA: Neumen)

Hello World!

Wow, it has been forever since I have posted anything.

So what has happened? Well, a major job change occurred last November. I have semi-relocated from Northern California to Southern California. This is thrown my running in a tail spin.

So, now after 9 months, I feel like i have things somewhat under control. My job has been dictating my life for the most part and now it is time to get some since of a personal life back.

So, I will make an attempt to freshen things up, get the podcast going, and get back in the running community.

I look forward to sharing with you,


Cowtown 5k - Goal Attained!

Well, my goal this year has been to complete a 5k race in less that 30 minutes. I am happy to share that I did that last Sunday at the Sacramento Cowtown Marathon/1/2 Marathon/5k run.

I finished the race in 27:20. I placed 138 out of 948 overall and 20 out of 64 in my age group.

I am really happy with the results. It has only take 4 days to recover, lol.

Next run is Saturday for the World Wide Festival of Races. I will be running the 10k.

My final goal for the year is to get my weight under 200 lbs. 3 lbs to go with the holidays on the horizon...I can do it!

Get out there and run!


The Neumen Show #011

Establishing our base...

On the weeks show:
  • Workout Update
  • Discussion about establishing a good base
  • Featured Song: Every Other Day by Polaradio
  • My trip to North Carolina
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Intro and Outro: Dodging Buses by Derek K Miller

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The Neumen Show #010

The Greatest Podcast in Roseville!

On this weeks show:
  • Workout Update
  • The Family 5k Challenge
  • I seem to talk a lot about my Nike+, not sure why...brainwashed I guess
  • Featured Song: Free by Polaradio
Intro: KarnEvil 9 1st Impression, Pt. 2, Emerson Lake & Palmer

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August - What a great month!

This month was a peak month for me. I did more this month than any other month to date this year. Is it the weather? My determination? Concentrating on heart rate? Who knows...guess i should figure that out.

For August:
  • 12 runs totaling 42.5 miles
  • 8 rides totaling 74.4 miles
  • 6 walks totaling 7.8 miles
  • weight still 208, lol (how can that be?)
For some, they do that in a week. For me, it is a great feeling to finish a month without an injury ready to hit the next month with vigor and vim. I am truly looking forward to September and what I might accomplish.

Have a great week,


New Art Work!

Special thanks to Len Peralta, one of the voices behind the great Jawbone Radio podcast.

Update for week ending 8/22/09

Had a good week of workouts.
  • 11.07 miles running
  • 20.01 miles biking
  • Weight 208 lbs.
On Tuesday 8/18, I did a 5.5 mile workout which set me back a little. Shins flared up. I need to stick the steady consistant 3 - 4 mile routine and add distance slowly. Slow and steady win the least in my case.

I started a google group, Roseville Runners, to see if local people would be interested in getting together for the virtual type runs (e.g.World Wide Festival of Races, or the Nike+ Human Race 10K, etc...). We are 2 members strong.

Have a great week!


The Neumen Show #009

I am back and ready to go...

On this weeks show
  • Catching up on what's going on...
  • Introduction to - Use the coupon code NEUMENSHOW for a $1 discount.
  • Featured Music - US Royalty song titled Every Summer
Intro -The Traveling Wilburys - Runaway, Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
Outro -Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

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WOW, Where does the time go?

It seems like just yesterday that I ran the Bay 2 Breakers...but that was over 2 months ago.

As I have shared, I was extremely busy with work. the storm has subsided and now I can get back to a somewhat regular life and schedule.

I only got 3 runs in for the month of June, that is pathetic! July was a better and more consistant month. I look forward to August as a steady training month. I will end the month with a 5k race (Race for the Arts) on Friday, August 28 in Sacramento.

I am looking forward to getting back into doing the podcast and catching up with everyone.

talk to you soon,


The Neumen Show #008

On this weeks show -

Intro and Exit: ELO - Mr. Blue Sky
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Just for fun, I thought I would look at my YTD summary of my workouts.  I was surprised at the numbers.  I had not really looked at them since the beginning of March.


As I am currently cycling due to my iliotibial band injury, I thought I would include that information too.  So, below is my summary for the first 4 months of the year.


YTD Workout Summary:


# of Runs:            62

Total Miles:        171.7

Total Time:         36:26:02

Ave Pace:            12:44 min/mi

Ave # Runs:        3.4/week

Ave Dist:              2.76 mi/run

Total Cals:           9004


# of rides:            4

Total Miles:        33.3

Total Time:         02:30:42

Ave Pace:            4:31 min/mi or 13.3 MPH

Ave Dist:              8.3 mi/ride

Total Cals:           2028


I am pleasantly surprised by these numbers and feel pretty good about things in general.



Letter to Ian

Dear Ian,


This email is to explain my comment "at my age" on Twitter and will be emailed as a post to my blog to hopefully encourage others that are "at my age" and struggling to get into shape.


As I write this, you are on another continent relaxing, hopefully.  Somehow, our paths have crossed and I am appreciative of that.  I don't believe in accidents, so, we will see where this takes us all...It is amazing how technology has allowed people to connect and share their experiences.


Our exchange last night made me realize that while we exchange greetings, we really do not know each other.  So this email is an attempt to share with you a little about me.


I am 49 years old and live in California.  I weighed 176 lbs when I got married at the age of 27 (22 years ago).  Over the years, I would like to think that my job and having a family kept me from exercising.  Which of course is not the fact, it just made it more challenging and I chose not to do it.  During the last 22 years, my weight steadily increased to 225 lbs, I started taking blood pressure medicine, and overall felt lethargic.  While to some that might not seem like a lot, it made me uncomfortable.


Last November after coming home from a business trip, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided enough was enough.  I didn't like the way I looked, I didn't like the way I felt, and I didn't like the example I was setting for my children.  Thus, the start of this journey called Running & Fitness.


In January, I started running...well, that's an overstatement...I started walking.  I couldn't run the length of a city block.  I thought, "How pathetic is that?"  So, starting from what I call a fitness level of ZERO, I started exercising.  The first two months went very well, with some flaring of shin splints.  I logged 100 miles.  Then I got sick while traveling which set me back most the month of March.  I recovered and started back with my training.  Feeling that I might have started out too aggressively, I reduced my running back to 3 times a week.  My first race was the Sacramento Zoo Zoom on April 19.  I ran a 5K @ 30:25 at a weight of 210 lbs.  I feel good about that time and feel like I have accomplished something to date.


Since the race, I have been having trouble with my iliotibial band (ITB); the fascia that runs from the hip to the knee (got that from the internet).  So, another set back.  I am now cycling, doing leg strength exercises, and stretching while I recover to keep my conditioning going.  This has been very discouraging.  I feel like it is 2 steps forward, 1 step back.  I just want to go forward…I am reminded of something I heard on Kelownagurl's podcast, "road blocks are simply a test of your commitment to your goal."


With all this said, I will now explain why I said "at my age".  Simply put, my mind does not believe that I am 49, but the body says differently.  While I had very good aspirations for this year, I am learning that I need to temper my mind to accommodate my body to assure long term success.  I am not in my mid 20's or 30's any more.  While the set backs are discouraging and frustrating, I remind myself that slow, steady training will get me to my goal.  Chris Russell (cyktrussell) has been encouraging me to get a good base of 3 - 5 mile runs 3 times a week.  While I heard and understood what he was saying, I still wanted to hang with the big dogs.  This last injury has made it very clear that I need to do as he recommended and also follow the 10% rule for adding distance.  The goal is to run in 2010 and beyond, not just the next few months.  I have had a paradigm shift in my thinking to be more conservative in my training.  If I am at 2 mile base now, and add 10% every other week, I could be doing 10 mile runs by the end of the year.  I am ok with that.  My goal is to have a base of 5 miles 3 times a week on January 1, 2010.  My mind says I can do more than that, but, I do not want to risk my body to injury.


As I talk with all the great people and athletes on Twitter, I do not always think about the days, months, and years of training and conditioning that they all have done to get where they are today.  It is not by accident that they run 5k, 10k, 1/2 & full marathons.  It is from the long term commitment to their sport and health that have allowed them to continually exert the effort required to finish the race.


I wish you the best in your runs and hopefully, one day, we will have the opportunity to meet.


Your Friend,


Brad (aka: Neumen)

iliotibial band - Stretch It!

I learned this morning that I have a tight Iliotibial Band.

I have had pain on the outside of my right knee for a a couple weeks, with the feeling that my knee might buckel. Since my race and post race run, on Apr 19 and 22 respectively, I've had pain in the knee that spread to my hip. As a result, I have been cycling to maintain some type of fitness level.

There are many ways to treat this. Stretching and strength exercises are required. Below is a link to one stretch that does not require a foam roller.

Dont take this type of injury lightly. Take a rest, cross train, and get back at it! Prevention is the best medicine.

Have a Great Week,


The Neumen Show #007

TNS 007 includes:
  • A general workout update
  • The slope of that hill (80 ft vertical in .3 miles)
  • Meeting the neighbors through a tragic situation
  • MUST HEAR PODCAST - Phedippidations EPI 182
  • Cut some slack to others
  • Family humor

Please make sure the ones you love know you love them!

Show Grace to others...

Have a great week


The Neumen Show #006

The Neumen Show #006
This week is a hodge podge of recordings.
I apologize for the quality, I am not in my normal studio to do the final mixing.
Hope you have a great week.

Art of Gardens - Dan-O
Johnny Nobody - Barry McCabe
Let Love Come Down - Heather Sullivan
Music on this podcast provided by

Sacramento Zoo Zoom Results

This morning I ran the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k run with my daughter. My goal was to break 30 mins. I didn't quite make it, but came close.

Overall Place: 400/1172
Age Group Place: 24/44
Age Group: 45-49
Time: 30:25.2
Ave Pace: 9:49 min/mile

Being my first race in a very long time, I learned a little about preparation. I was nervous and excited to do the race. Last night I made sure I had our clothes laid out, the chips on our shoes, and my iPod and Nike+ in the car. We got to the the race early and found parking. I was interested in seeing the layout and the start.

We walked around, met Greg Chance (what a nice guy!), and soaked in the atmosphere. One last stop at the port-a-potty and we stretched out a little. 10 minutes before the start, I pulled out my iPod. I plugged in my head phones, started to create a custom distance workout for 3.1 miles so i could hear the program tell me when i hit each mile. I started programing and received...a message saying that the receiver (the white thing that goes into the bottom of the iPod) needed to be attached. [MISTAKE #1] OH NO! It was in the was I going to pace myself?

Luckily, I have run to Robert Ullery's Couch to 5k series enough that I knew how far I should be when the music of his podcasts changed. So, with Mr. Ullery and the course mile markers, I tried to keep a pace of 9:30 miles.

Mile 1: 9:35, ok, so far so good

Mile 2: 18:30, great, made up some time

My calves were tightening up during the third mile, so I eased my pace feeling I had ample time. [MISTAKE #2] As I approached mile 3, I pulled out my ear piece to hear the time. No one was there to call the time. I guess why would there be? The finish is just 0.1 more miles. I fumbled with my ear piece and the other side fell out. I decided I had to get them off and in my pocket. OH Crap, I couldn't get them in my pocket. I had to stop and pull out my iPod from the rear pocket of my shorts, wrap my headphones around the iPod, and slip into my side pocket. [MISTAKE #3] I actually thought I was fine with the time. As I rounded that last corner, I could hear the time being called out...29:30, 29:35, I started to increase my speed as I saw what I thought was the finish, some flags along the road. The actual finish was further off. At that point, I knew I would not make the sub 30 minute time I had sought. Three rookie mistakes that should not have occurred cost me my time. What a great experience I had with my daughter.

It was a great race. My daughter did fantastic! I will be more prepared physically and mentally for the next one and look forward to it.

Now back to the pure enjoyment of getting out and running as I prepare for the Bay to Breakers on May 17th.

Have a great week.


4 miles in 47:21

Did a 4 mile workout this morning. Not as fast as I'd like. I did mean to have it be an easy run, but sheesh, 11:50 min/mile.

I need to find an alternate 4 mile route. the first part is on sidewalks with driveways. It killed the ankles. I will research this for Thursdays run.

Last Week in review...

Last week went well for training. I feel pretty good. Did 10 miles for the week. Not as many as I would like, but I think it is the prudent amount.

4/5 - 2.87 miles
4/7 - 3.17 miles
4/10 - 4.01 miles

Weigh In on 4/12: 210 lbs.

this weeks weigh in I knew was going to be a challenge due to too much fatty foods this last week. But all in all, not as bad as I thought.

I have switched from the C25k Training to the 5k training plan on the Nike+ website. I started the program last week and in the process of week 2. Week 2 consists of three runs; 3, 4, and 4 mile with one day break in between. My runs this week are on Sunday (yesterday), Tuesday, and Thursday.

I did yesterdays run as a 5k and completed it in 30:15. During the run I took two short recovery walks. I feel confident that I can complete the Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k in under 30 minutes next Sunday.

Hope you have a great week.


Spring cleaning uncovers vintage t-shirts

My wife was looking for a t-shirt to workout in for an upcoming business trip. I told her I thought I had a few. I started cleaning out the drawer where I keep my t-shirts and WHOA!

I found a 1993 and 1994 never worn Bay to Breakers shirts. The last race I ran was 1994 Bay to Breakers. So, when I run it again this May, it will have been 15 years since my the last race I ran.

It was great to find the shirts and a reminder that the years can slip by faster than we realize. Let's make this week the best week ever!

Get out and have a good workout and some fun.

Have a great week.


Spring Break: ahhh some time off

My kids are on spring break this week so I took the week off to be home with my daughters.

We went for a run went for a run together yesterday and Iwas worried that they wouldn't be able to keep up with me. Boy was I wrong. lol, they smoked my in our three mile run. I keep forgetting that I am in my late forties. The body keeps reminding me. Alas, we all finished the three mile workout with me making sure there was no one left behind ;)


Monthly Race Plan

I am ending my third month of training and feel ok. I still have some soreness in my left ankle. I had to end my run early today due to it.

I am still tracking to the C25K training. I am finishing week 6. 3 weeks to go and I am looking at planning out the rest of the year.

I found a local race series on the Sacramento Fleet Feet website:

Buzz Oates RunSac Race Series

I missed the first 3 runs of the series. Looking at the remainder of the year, I am going to try and track to these races. My goal is to finsh all the remaining races and do the Cowtown 1/2 marathon on October 4 .

Is that too ambitious? It looks doable. Most of the next races are 5K and 10K leading up to a 10 mile run in September, then the 1/2 marathon on Oct 4.

The Neumen Show #005

Back in the saddle and in my shoes...

Intro and Exit: JJ Cale & Eric Clapton - Dead End Road

General Information:



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Download the MP3 file

A Food Blog worth looking at...

I just stumbled onto this food blog.

Big Bold Beautiful Food!

It looks like it might be worth looking at.


Workout Update 3.24.09


It has been awhile since my last post. It's time to get everything back on track and start posting again.

Last week I ran twice for a total of 6.5 miles.

During one of the runs, I ran and timed a 5K. I finish in 29:33. That was very encouraging for me.

I weighed in Sunday at 208 lbs. This is the least i have weighed in a few years. my goal is to get below 200. I think this will not be a problem. I hope to get there by May 1, 2009.

On March 17, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Russell and running with him in Golden Gate Park. Chris is a great guy and inspirational. I hope to get to know him more over the coming years. He was very patient while running with me as he in much better shape and condition than me.

I hope that you have a great week.


Weekly Summary

This week has not been normal due to travel. Early starts, late
returns to the hotel, and constantly moving from city to city has
limited my time to run.

Total miles for the week was ~12. I ran last night at 10:30 pm after
checking into the hotel. I ran about 2.5 miles before the gym closed.
I'm not sure what did when turning off my ipod, but I lost my
workout. Arrrrrggg!

No weight loss this week. I really didn't expect to lose any. My
goal is simply not to gain any weight on this trip. Once I return, I
will concentrate on diet again.

I have 4 more miles to log by Tuesday to hit my goal of 100 miles by March 3.

Have great week!


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Indonesia's National Monument

This is a picture of Indonesia's National Monument, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The flame at the top is layered with 360 kgs of gold.

That is equal to 793.6 lbs, or 12,699 ozs. With gold at $970 and oz., the value is ~$12,300,000.

Sunrise in Indo

Today is going to be a beautiful day here in Central Java, Indonesia
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Living on Blackberry

Indonesia has really bad commication systems. Internet speeds are
slow or non-existent.

I'm glad I have my blackberry to stay connected to my world.


Sent from my mobile device

Weekly Summary

Last week was a semi-rest week for me and this weeks travel will test
my new found commitment to running and fitness.

Total miles last week: 13
Weight: 211 lbs. No change

This week, I am on week 5 of the Couch to 5k training program. It
consists of a different running program each day as opposed th prior
weeks where each workout was the same.

Each day starts with a 5 minute brisk warm up walk.
Day 1) 3 x 5 min run / 3 min walk
Day 2) 2 x 8 min run / 5 min walk
Day 3) 1 long 20 min run, no waks
Cool down.

I am really looking forward to this weeks workout!


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On the road again...

I am on another business trip. This time the travel is better than Hickory, NC.

After 28 straight hours of travel, I am in Magelang, Central Java,
Indonesia. I am staying at the Losari Coffee Plantation because of
it's close proximity to where work is to be conducted. The is a
working coffee plantation that was made into a resort. It is traquil
and very beautiful. This is one of those rare finds as a business
traveler and one that I definately would like to share family and

About an hour from here is Borobudur, the world's largest Buddist
temple. I have been here many times and haven't visited due to time
restrictions. My hope is to visit it on this trip.

It is 4:19 am and the morning prayers have started. They are
amplified over load speakers for the community to participate. My
first time here the prayers took my by surprise. Now I have come to
enjoy hearing them and use the time for my own quiet time.

It has been raining since I arrived. My hope is to get out for a run
this morning. I may have to get out and run regardless of the
weather. I have to ask myself, "what would Chris Russull do?"

I plan to post pics in the next day or two.

Have a Great week!


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5 mile workout this morning

I had a great 5 mile workout this morning.

Dist: 5.15 mi
Time: 1:00'22"
Pace: 11:42 mi/min.

I ran 1.25 miles without stopping! woohoo.

It seems that after about two miles that everything kind loosens up and starts really felling good. Not sure why that is. But I'll take it.

Have a great week! I will post Pics from the road.

Progress Update

This has been a little bit of a slow week for me. I may have been too agressive as I started my training. So, I am letting my left leg heal a bit. I should get in 13 miles this week by the end of tomorrow. That will put me at the 86 mile mark. I will need to get in 14 miles by 3/3 to reach my goal of 100 miles.

This shouldnt be a problem. However, I leave tomorrow for a 2 week trip to Asia. This will throw my schedule off a bit. But I think i can stay on track.

Runner's Round Table

Tonight I had the pleasure and honor to participate in the Runner's Round Table, West Coast Edition hosted by Stuart (Quadrathon), Barb (Kelownagurl), Erin (Erin337), and Christine (Solorunner). I really probably didnt belong with that group of experienced athletes; but hey, who would turn down that type of opportunity.

You can download and listen to the show from THIS LINK.

It was a great time and I hope to participate again sometime.

The Neumen Show #002

I don't belong here...

In this weeks short podcast you’ll hear about…

Originally posted January 31st, 2009. Reposted due to hosting changes.

The Neumen Show #001

A podcast for beginning runners, by a beginning runner.

This podcast is the tale of a guy in his late 40’s that is training to run.

This show is a real work in progress. I wanted to get it started to capture what I am experiencing.

Show Notes:

§ Intro to who I am and what I am doing

§ Couch to 5K - Robert Ullrey

§ Nike+ Sensor on the fritz

§ Floppy Feet, it get’s better

Originally posted January 28th, 2009. Reposted due to hosting service changes.

Twitter St Patricks Day 5k and 10k run

I have set up a challenge in for a St Patricks day run.  The challeges are titled:
Twitter St Patricks Day 5k Run
Twitter St Patricks Day 10k Run
Join the challenge and run 5k or 10k or both the weekend prior to St Patricks day and post your time.
Hope to see you on the boards,

Week 6 Summary

I really thought this week was going to turn out bad, but all in all, it went ok.

Dist: 13.09 miles for the week.

Ave Pace: 14'03"

Weight: 211 lbs. (-3 lbs)

I'll take it! While my pace was a little slower due to walking more, I did lose three pounds. I am looking forward to getting under 210 lbs. I haven't been there in years. Then on to 200!

This week I start week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. I am using the "Podcasts for Running" series created by Robert Ullery. This weeks workout consists of 2 repetitions of the following: jog for 3 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, then jog for 5 minutes, and recover with a 2 1/2 minute walk. The workout consists of jogging and walking for a total of about 18 minutes.

To make the workout longer, create a playlist in iTunes and add music in front or behind the workout. Or, double the workout!

I have run ~80 miles since I started working out. I hope to hit 100 by my 49th birthday is a few weeks.

I hope you all have a wonderful week,


The Neumen Show #004

Energy, Effort, and Will, OH My!

Or EEW! That's what it takes?

As live as a recorded podcast can get without you being here!

This week, live from beautiful Hickory, North Carolina.

On this weeks show we discuss:
  • Work out update - distance, diet, & weight (YIKES!)

  • Measuring the slope of the hill that is kicking my butt!

  • Energy, Effort, and Will

  • Music by the Adam Woodall Band - Runaway.

  • Trilogy Running - what's with the name when it's really just couples running?

  • Rss feed change in itunes. Double posting until I know the switch is made.
Podcasts worth listening to:
Where to find other running podcasts:

General Information:

Nike+: neumen
Buckeye: Axiom

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Hickory, North Carolina

In Hickory this week. I have kept up my running plan. Eatting is always a challenge when traveling. There is a lot of chicken and BBQ restraunts here. Not a lot of good healthy places to eat. Bisquits are big here. "Can I have a few bisquits with that gravy?"

The people are great here. Very friendly and hospitable.

Got my next podcast half complete. I need to listen to audio file. I think I yelled at Chris Russel...

Week 5 Summary

Last week was a good week for miles.

Dist: 17.11 miles
Ave Pace: 12'49"
Weight: 214 lbs.

I didnt lose any weight due to too much in take. I am traveling this week and will need to watch the diet in order to maintain or reduce weight.

Have a great week,


The Neumen Show #003

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A little about California politics
  • Music from Black Lab – See the Sun
  • My struggle with diet, love that candy!
  • More ipod challenges.

Some of the music provided tonight from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ''

Have a great week!

Marketing People, Sheesh!!!

So, I am in the market looking at the instant oatmeal.  I usually buy the reduced sugar Quaker Oats.  To my surprise, I noticed a new product from Quaker; Weight Control Oatmeal.  So, like a good consumer, I check out the stats.  The low sugar was 120 calories and the weight control had 160 calories.  I guess that eating more will help control your weight, not lose it.

Great run this morning!

The hardest thing about running in the morning is getting out of bed.  Alas, at 5:45 I finally rolled out of bed and strapped on my shoes for my run.

There was fog and chill in the outside air.  The run felt great.  I am working out the aches and pains of getting back into shape. 

Dist: 3.00 miles
Time:  38'45"
Pace:  12:52

Race for the Cure - May 9, 2009

My first timed race will be the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure in Sacramento, CA.

I will run it with my family and a friend. My goal is to do it in under 30 mintues.
Great week so far. I feel like I am really getting a base level set. Legs are feeling better.

Finished week one of Couch to 5k. I will start the week 2 workouts tomorrow morning.

Exchanged my Nike+ sensor without much problem at the Apple retail store.

Working on podcast episode #2. Should have it posted tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!